About Lucy

10 years ago Lucy Landsberg started in the industry of Offset printing. As much as she enjoys printing the Full Color, Pantone, high quality jobs, she decided to expand her original company The Fine Print Miami, to include Letterpress as a major service. With that, came the rebranding of Lucy Print, a full-service Letterpress shop that also can handle flat Offset/Digital printing as well.

Lucy’s heart belongs to Letterpress though. Letterpress printing is the relief printing of text and images, where the raised surface of a plate or type is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper (cotton, bamboo and hemp being among her favorites.)  Letterpress machines are impressive, heavy and in some cases pedal-powered. Our main production presses are motorized. Although motorized, they are not fully automated and need constant attention and adjustment when we are running any job. Subtle variations from piece to piece are inevitable and a huge part of the appeal of letterpress.

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